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I will always be Soldier of Fortune

I will always be Soldier of Fortune


My own life,
Living like a wanderer. 

How did I live –
Just ask me.
I was happy, God,
Of the Sun and day –
I was chanting you with rhymes.

Love just rushed
Into my life,
Everything what was.

With her
I forgot, like, everything…
Oh, God,
I was in love!

And if
She was calling,
Screaming me after –
Come back!

My life,
I would stay with her
And lived!

But, becoming older,
Definitely bypassing the line,
I chose music
And living it!

I was sinning
And was feeling by my soul:
Breathing of the spring
And awakening stream.

While having chance 
In my destiny,
I left here forever,
In those songs.

“Soldier of fortune”.

But time was running,
I was wandering the cities.
Have you ever looked, just once,
Into my eyes?

There is glare,
Reflection of one,
My love –
It stayed with me there forever.

Close your eyes
And like a blind.
I am feeling,
That there is no you by me.

When I, became more older,
Sounding of the music of my soul,
I was sinning, like a sound,
By not thinking, what is further,
Because, I am soldier of fortune.

No matter where
Time is carrying us,
Destiny didn’t lead away –
Weaved together 
With music.

By entire
And soul.

I am feeling,
Life will arrange all points,
But path has already chosen –
I will always be
“Soldier of fortune”!


Russian version: https://lit-salon.ru/pesni/vsegda-ostanus-ja-soldat-udachi-8930.html

Based on a song of Deep Purple – 
“Soldier of Fortune” –

The picture is from the Internet.

Автор слов:
© ★Зеболова Марина★
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