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Fluffy pants

Fluffy pants

My cat is a real lady.
Works her tail off to make things better!
Teaches you to know your place
With outstanding wit and grace!

Fluffy pants! Fluffy pants!
Floating in the world of scents!

Eyes - gems full of ancient wisdom.
Hers - the mousiest of Kingdoms.
Paws, a set of pearly pearls, 
To hold tiny lifes and souls.

Fluffy pants! Fluffy pants!
On tiptoes a belly dance!

She's a beauty all around!
Never ever touch the ground!
From a cloud to make such pants
Zephyr him self has no chance!

Fluffy pants! Fluffy pants!
Breaking hearts whith just one glance!
Rich like silk! As sweet as honey!
Does not have to care for money
The one who right from the sky
Can command a butterfly!

Fluffy pants! Fluffy pants!
Has no sorrows! Takes no pains!

She believes that love and kindness
Have the power to tame lions.
But beware those fangs & claws,
Weapons given to a rose!

Fluffy pants! Fluffy pants!
It's pure magic in all sense!

In the dull hours of a morning
When the fading stars are yawning
You wake up to find your face
Stucked into the pussy's ass!

Fluffy pants! Fluffy pants!

Playful flame  protuberance!

© Глафира Птичкина
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You wake up to find your face
Stucked into the pussy's ass!

wonder И что делает your face в pussy's ass? Нюхает её aroma? jokingly

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